International courses and cooperation

Bygholm Agricultural College has a long tradition of arranging tailor-made courses for operational managers from farms across Europe and from other continents. These courses are typically of a longer duration, typically from four weeks to 24 weeks, though they can be made both longer and shorter. We recommend a minimum length of two weeks.

The courses may contain classes at the College mixed with excursions, and may include training at private farms. The lessons are taught by teachers from Bygholm Agricultural College, but also by relevant experts within the specific topic, to provide the best possible knowledge. Special wishes regarding content and structure are welcomed. Together with the client we will compose a course that fits the need.

“At Bygholm Agricultural College we aim to furnish future farmers with the knowledge, skills and competences needed to match challenges of tomorrow’s agriculture. The world needs enough food and food of high quality. Danish agriculture has achieved great results through a unique approach combining profitable production with high food safety, animal welfare and low environmental impact. We give you the tools you need for farming in the future.

Welcome at Bygholm Agricultural College.”

Kaj Aage Hoejgaard, Principal